Since 2015, members of our team (psychologists, artists, facilitators and trainers with extensive experience and competences) have provided training to over a thousand educators and school and kindergarten principles, hundreds of experts (social and youth workers, psychologists, facilitators, NGO representatives), hundreds of young people and parents from all over the country.

However, it is not quantitative measures that drive us, but our desire to activate the personal and collective resources of the groups we work with, to support them in unleashing their creative and interpersonal potential, in achieving group wisdom through which to transform their current challenges.

Here are the types of trainings we provide:

For educational institutions

  • Prevention of school violence
  • Effective interaction and communication with parents
  • Conflict management
  • Presentation skills (including online presentation)
  • Methods for activating the social and cultural capacities of children and young people at risk
  • Facilitating and leading team meeting and parent-teacher meetings
  • Stress and burnout prevention
  • Methods for working with children and families from ethnic origin
  • Supporting teachers with cases from their practice

For work teams

(companies, educational and social institutions, NGOs, creative organisations, others)

  • Team-building
  • Facilitation of strategic and team meetings
  • Effective team communication
  • Conflict management
  • Emotional intelligence development
  • Team cohesion and team skills
  • People skills and soft skills
  • Strengthening leadership qualities and skills
  • Enhancing group intelligence and team creativity
  • Sustainable development and environmental protection
  • Stress and burnout prevention

For children and young people

  • Leadership skills
  • Self-awareness and personal development
  •  Emotional intelligence
  •  Effective communication and conflict resolution
  •  Prevention of aggressive behavior
  •  Volunteering
  •  Teamwork
  •  Sustainable development and environmental protection
  •  Prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and sexual culture
  •  Protection from human trafficking
  •  Working with creative methods to increase the social and cultural capacity of disadvantaged children and young people
  •  Creative workshops for personal development

For any group that needs:

  • Training on a topic in our field of competence
  • Team building
  • Meeting or process facilitation
  • Organizational consulting in group process
  • Experience-based training

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