Kаним ви да се включите в едно вълнуващо обучение за интегрирано фасилитиране водено от испанския специалист и професионален фасилитатор Давид Бийота.

The Integral Facilitation training is focused on the Facilitator and on the process of facilitating, and aims at providing space for personal and group experience for understanding the facilitator aspects as a profession, its social role, with its dynamics, its place in the modern world.

Every day we are more and more aware of the importance of generating dynamics and structures that allow us to achieve our dreams and goals with other people. Whether it is a group, an association, a community or a company, they are all driven by a quality that goes beyond people. In this interdependent relationship, the facilitator plays a key role: first helping the group to see these dynamics and second offering tools and spaces to raise and develop collective awareness. The training is for everyone who is working with people, for people, among people and / or have a curiosity and interest in the group’s dynamics and his/ her own internal dynamics. We developed the training that we would like to receive. Training that is:

  • a living, experiential and transformative journey where the same group dynamic is the main source of learning
  • based on 10 years experience and it focus in developing effective, applicable and concrete tools to work with groups and organisations
  • offers an opportunity to explore and unfold your own potential as facilitator and participatory leader

As a participant in this training You may help groups and organisations to:

  • how to navigate conflict as a source of learning,
  • Develop agile communication between functions and assertive expression between people.
  • Support accountability with autonomy and confidence in decision making process
  • Discover new organisational models and new drivers on how to run and manage more conscious, caring and purposeful organisation
  • Gain an awareness of how power relations operate and are part of the process.
  • Integrate the strength and systemic view of the organisation and its history as a future and present ally
  • Learn how to harvest the fruits of the collective wisdom of the group and supporting the emergence and blossom of the collective wisdom
  • Develop awareness about their own wisdom and potential to care and achieve their own purpose

For your own transformation journey this training

  • Will help you to gain more awareness of your own patterns and roles that you tend to play when you are in groups.
  • And You will explore and unfold your own and unique skills and capacities to facilitate and support groups and teams with different needs and cultures
  • Every student will have online individual mentoring sessions

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